Now available the PROGRAM of the festival!

The first edition of RED LINE – International Film Festival will take place in Montalcino from June the 13th to June the 16th 2024. The Festival is divided in the following sections (Rules and regulation are available here):

International Features Competition (for films of any genre, length: more than 60 minutes).

International Short Competition (for films of any genre, length: up to 20 minutes).

“Territorio” (for films of any genre filmed within Montalcino municipality area).


The festival aims to constitute a meeting point for cutting-edge National and International cinema. The festival’s purpose is to promote cinematography and to give value as an expressive and story-telling means, as well as a way of knowledge and in depth-analysis of reality; the understanding driven by cinema as a mean for a message of peace and solidarity.


The festival direction will nominate an international jury that will bestow the following awards: 

Best Feature Film: 1200 €

Best Documentary Film: 700 €

Best Short Film: 600 €

The festival direction will nominate a jury that will bestow the following awards:

Best Film for “Territorio” section: 200 €

Submit your film

Registrations open AUGUST 1, 2023. Copyright holders of the films who intend to participate in the Festival must register by and no later than MARCH 15th, 2024Registration for film in “Territorio” section must be registered by and no later than  April 15, 2024. Rules and regulation can be found here.

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