Official Selection – International Short Films

Aerolin – Greece, 19 min, Drama

Sandy is a 30-year-old actress suffering from asthma. Tonight she will be performing in a theater. Before that though, she has to teach a yoga class to some old ladies in her neighborhood, work as a clown at a children’s party and audition for a commercial. In this equation, somehow she has to try and fit in Spiros, her boyfriend.

Aunque es de noche (Despite the night) – France, 15 min, Drama

La Cañada, Europe’s largest slum on the outskirts of Madrid, has been without electricity for over a year. In the firelight, Toni, a 13 year-old boy, discovers that his best friend Nasser is leaving forever. Amongst Roma legends of a possible future, Toni looks for a way to stay connected to him.

Desgosto de Morrer no Inverno Portugal, 19 min, Drama

After the death of his wife, old man Domingos does not accept the fact that the body of Carmen will be buried in a random grave from Monchique’s cemetery. As his last homage, Domingos does everything to grant a dignified grave, but in the process, ends up ignoring its own family and what really matters. This priority in his actions highlights the fact that he can’t manage to overcome and accept the death of his only life partner. It’s a story about old values, about tradition and culture and, at the same time, reflection on change.

ELSA – France, 18 min, Drama

Elsa, a twelve years old girl, walks in balance on abandoned railroad tracks to distract herself from her family problems. But a funny little boy named Paul bothers her with his stupid questions. And every time she falls off the tracks, she has to start from the beginning again.  

Fatih the Conqueror (Fatih le conquérant) France, 15 min, Comedy

This Saturday is a Turkish wedding day at Espace Venise (France). Huddled in a car in the parling lot, Fatih, 21, wants to get married. He has set his sights on Ipek, Recep’s sister. But neither Murat, his best friend, nor Recep, nor even Ipek are aware of this yet.

The grand mother – Poland, 10 min, Animation

Alternate version of a history about beggining of human race. The Great Spideress raises the first human to teach him ways of the world. After reaching the adulthood, Mother has a Grand gift for her Son.

The greensman USA, 6 min, Comedy

When a clever gardener clashes with a film shoot he must rely on his tools to get the job done.

My name is Aseman – Italy, 15 min, Drama

Aseman is a young, shy, and reserved Afghan woman, who lives in Italy. When she is given the opportunity to show herself to the world, she will have to decide how much to unveil.  

Our Males and Females – Jordan, 11 min, Drama

A father and mother are faced with the painful task of washing and shrouding their deceased transgender daughter. Shrouding is an Islamic religious practice that is deemed obligatory to carry out upon death. But when no one agrees to wash her and shame falls onto the family, how far is the father willing to go to make sure his “son” is washed? 

Summertime (La piccola estate) Italy, 15 min, Drama

Every summer, Eugenio and Leo hang out together during their holidays in Calabria. One day Leo convinces Eugenio to steal a boat, pushing the boundaries of their friendship. The two boys are growing up, and they are curious to see what it’s like to be adults.

Sunken stones (Pietre sommerse) Italy, 15 min, Drama

In the apparent stillness of a solitary lake, the memories of two brothers resurface. With them a stone, buried for twenty years, too heavy to be ignored.

A place that time forgot – United Kingdom, 6 min, Experimental, Documentary

Within us all, we carry a sense of home, a symbol of our culture, a foundation of our identity. We photograph the moments that we dream to remember, the places that we leave but that we want to migrate with us. But what of the home itself, what is held within its rooms and walls, what stays beneath the roof under which we grew, what of the place we leave behind?  Nestled in a quiet, southern Italian village, she lives abandoned. A small house. Dilapidated and seemingly empty, her walls have born witness to industrialisation, the creation of nation states, conflict, mass migration, both man and nature’s own will and destruction.   Once the center of community, of family, she now sits forgotten, a frozen relic of a time, lost in its past. And although the memories of people may have faded their imprints, their sounds never left. Absorbed by the ground and embedded into the walls that once provided shelter, where the air smells like childhood, where life began and where it was uprooted. Betrayal, confusion, longing, loss. Time doesn’t heal, it decays. Once the perfect host, she now grows tired, entrapped in the stillness, in the loneliness, in her yearning for their return.

Sandcastle – The Secret Life Of Potter Wasp Switzerland, 12 min, Documentary

Join a courageous potter wasp on an enthralling journey! Witness this fascinating insect’s tenacity and perseverance as it navigates its dangerous realm teeming with challenges and predators.   The secrets of its hidden world are revealed in this short documentary. 

Shakepspeare in smoke – Spain, 9 min, Drama

A cigarette break during office hours turns into an unexpected journey made of past, present and future dreams.

Subtitles – Italy, 14 min, Comedy

Soon after discovering that they are unaware protagonists of an ongoing film, two idle guys will have to put up a fight against a very particular film crew.

Grasshoppers (Tilipirche) – Italy, 18 min, Drama

In a small village in the heart of Sardinia, during a terrible invasion of locusts that are devouring everything, a farmer has to face the passing of the baton, from father to son, for the management of the sheepfold.

Wings – Greece, 18 min, Drama

A woman receives a startling phone call from her son, while waiting for him and his girlfriend over for lunch.