Official selection – International Feature Films

Anna – Italy, 117 min, Drama

Anna, beautiful and wild, manages a farm in an uncontaminated corner of Sardinia. At night she engages in sensual dancing in the village pub and indulges in fleeting adventures. Until one day, the development of a mega resort on her land will force her to engage in the biggest battle of her life…

A golden life (Or de vie) – Burkina Faso, 85 min, Documentary

In Burkina Faso, in the gold digging site of Bantara, Rasmané, 16 years old, descends more than 100 metres below ground in artisanal mines to extract gold. Anxious about accidents, Rasmané makes his way through this fierce, adult world in the hope of one day emancipating himself…

Remi Milligan: lost directorUnited Kingdom, 71 min, Mockumentary, Comedy

Docufiction looking at the life and films of Remi Milligan – a little-known amateur filmmaker of trashy b-movies who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2006.

Suppressed (Nemá tajemství) – Czech Republic, 107 min, Crime

Due to a severe brain injury, Martin, a veterinarian and a man in his prime, loses all his capacity to communicate with the world and vice versa. However, all the important women remain in his life: his wife Erika, the horse breeder Jana and Martin’s mother Dana. It is up to them to tell Martin’s story. However, each one of them has her own version of the events, and that even more when the police begin to be interested in everything, since Martin is dead and somebody helped him. A merciless truth starts to emerge from the contrast between individual statements. A powerful psychological story about the effort to understand – the speech, actions, and desires of another person.

Time for the dust to disappear (먼지가 걷히는 시간 ) – South Korea, 120 min, Drama

Pilhyo, who works in a car wash from early morning. He rides a pixie bike all day long, and does delivery work. Pilhyo, who was passing through the alley late at night, has an unexpected happening with a girl who collapsed; and the girl steals Pilhyo’s wallet and disappears.

All dogs die alone (Tutti i cani muoiono da soli) – Italy, 87 min, Drama

Rudi is a man in his early sixties, a crook from the bad side of town, living on minor crimes in his small world, and who’s by now managing his affairs wierily. He has spent most of his life alone, by choice, a necessity due to the lifestyle he has chosen and, when the time comes for him to take care of his daughter Susanna, who’s alone and seriously ill, he is forced to face the presence of a stranger by his side and to face himself.